May Day Fun at Sulgrave Manor


A large crowd with lots of youngsters and dogs assembled at the Manor on Bank Holiday Monday to enjoy the May Day Celebrations. The weather was kind, with almost unbroken sunshine.

Lots of photos on the following pages:

a14.05.05.06wMorris men perform a traditional stick dance in the courtyard…..

a14.05.05.08aw….to music from the concertina.


a14.05.05.09wHandkerchief dance demonstration.

a14.05.05.04wLots of goodies for sale in the Hall.



a14.05.05.05wAromas are appreciated in the National Herb Garden.

a14.05.05.01awA large variety of delicious refreshments were available.

a14.05.05.12wWhippets await the dog show…

a14.05.05.13w…others have more important things to do!




a14.05.05.20wRosette for a winning entry.

a14.05.05.23wWhat do you think about us pedigrees being entered in the ‘smiliest dog’ competition?”

a14.05.05.22awWe’re far too dignified for such nonsense!”

a14.05.05.24wHowever, all smiles from the winning dog and proud owner!

a14.05.05.25wDog most like its owner competition.


a14.05.05.27wA well decorated dog in the “best tricks” competition.

a14.05.05.28w“High fives” or should that be “low fives”!

a14.05.05.29wA well trained spaniel awaits the next command….

a14.05.05.32wA very perky entry in the “golden oldies” competition….

a14.05.05.33w1…..won by 14 year old Mango, who’s seen it all before!

a14.05.05.34wMango is suitably rewarded, together with the runner up.

a14.05.05.35wTudor games in the Manor gardens….

a14.05.05.44w….keeping an eye on the ring…..

a14.05.05.43w….and a winning shot!

a14.05.05.38wShy at first, the youngsters are soon dancing enthusiastically around the maypole…..

a14.05.05.41w…with a little “Tudor” assistance.

a14.05.05.50w….and the adults soon join in.


a14.05.05.53wThe May King and Queen….

a14.05.05.54w…with traditional May Garland head-dress.

a14.05.05.55wA budding artist records the scene.


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  1. Libbie Foster says:

    W O N D E R F U L pictures and captions – well done again Colin!

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