Athletes (2) pass through Sulgrave in the “Wings for Life World Run”

Paul Martelleti

Photo: Peter Mackness

For a couple of hours around lunchtime on Sunday 4th May, Sulgrave roads were closed and villagers waited in the sunshine for the arrival of runners who had left Silverstone Racecourse earlier  on the first “Wings for Life World Run”. The event featured an entirely new format for a charity run and no one knew what to expect. Peter Mackness’ report accurately conveys the atmosphere: “It was 12.20. We watched and we waited at the junction of Park Lane. The sun shone. The Marshall – two-way radio in hand – receiving streams of progress reports could tell us only that the ‘runners’ were entering ‘Zone 7’. He was not familiar with local geography. A helicopter triangulated the sky above – we supposed – Culworth, Moreton and Eydon. Tired of waiting Ann and I strolled up to the bungalow which afforded a view up the hill from where the first of the runners would appear. Official looking motor bikes arrived and departed. Then on the hillcrest two slowly moving motor cycles appeared shepherding a lone runner who seemed to move effortlessly down the hill towards us. The pillion rider on the second machine was filming at close quarters the runner’s every move. One of two girls waiting patiently in a Red Bull sponsorship car got out and with excellent timing the proffered bottle of water was expertly taken by the lone runner’s outstretched hand. Silence fell for five minutes until the second runner appeared – without any motorised companions. This must herald the arrival of yet more? No. After no more than five minutes a vehicle convoy snaked down the hill. The leader of which being ‘The Catcher’ followed by two ambulances and a large pick-up full of excited ‘cheerleaders’. That was it. The finale. We estimated that Sulgrave was the halfway point. We weren’t surprised that only two runners made it this far. By any standard the hill climbs around Eydon, Culworth and Thorpe challenge the most seasoned runner.” The “effortless” runner described and photographed by Peter was Paul Martelletti, who had already covered over 60 kilometres when he passed through the village! Over 45,000 runners worldwide simultaneously took part in this event and in covering a total of 69.37 kilometres, Paul was placed 5th in the world rankings. More of Peter’s photographs and a full report on the event on the next page.

Paul Martelletti passes the Church Hall. Photo: Peter Mackness

Paul Martelletti passes the Church Hall.
Photo: Peter Mackness

The second runner to pass through the village. Photo: Peter Mackness

The second runner to pass through the village.
Photo: Peter Mackness

The "catcher cars". Photo: Peter Mackness

The “catcher cars”.
Photo: Peter Mackness

See here for full report on the event.







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