Autumn in Sulgrave

See the next page for a series of autumnal photographs taken in and around the village.




Barrow Hill


Strings of Black Bryony


North from Banbury Lane


Bristly Oxtongue


From Barrow Hill Path


Blenheim Apple and Red Admiral Butterfly


Fields ploughed, rolled and drilled with next year's crop


The beautiful but much reviled Dandelion......


.....and its symmetrical seeds



Crab apples in the fields.....


....and Cox's Orange Pippins in the gardens


Eastwards from Barrow Hill


The Old Farmhouse


Spider's web and dewdrop jewellery


Near Allithorne Wood


Late flowering daisy


South from Barrow Hill footpath




Fox Covert


Oak Leaves


Near Weston


Thatched House from Madam's Close




Trees - the Old Farmhouse


Hawthorn Berries - Top o' the Moreton Road


Willows and Fox Covert


Pumpkins for Halloween......


...and more pumpkins


Last garden rose of summer?




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