Sulgrave Produce Show – September 2011

Upwards of 100 people visited the village produce show held in the Church Hall on Saturday 3rd September and were treated to an excellent range of exhibits by young and old alike.

The judges begin their work:



…..and by two o’clock the winning entries have been selected and the exhibitors identified:




A winner is congratulated



A winning junior celebrates


The winning entries:



Leeks - a pair. Alan Anderson.


Three beetroot. Joanna Smyth-Osbourne.


Three carrots. Joanna Smyth-Osbourne.


Three potatoes of one variety. Alan Anderson.


Three runner beans with stalks. Philip Watts.


Longest runner bean. Philip Watts.


Five cherry tomatoes. Jula Norris.


Three onions of any variety. Alan Anderson.


Three round tomatoes. Simon Miles.


Three courgettes. Des White.


Five single assorted vegetables. Simon Miles.


Three apples of one variety - eating (here, Greensleeves). Molly Wootton.


Three apples of one variety - cooking. Simon Miles.


Three pears of one variety. Maureen Jeffrey.


Saucer of one variety soft or stone fruit. Jean Bates.



Jar of jam. Julie Metcalfe.


Four cheese scones. Joan Taylor. (What a commendation!)


Four muffins. Alison Watts.


Victoria Sponge Sandwich. Rachel Carey.


Loaf of bread. Joan Taylor.


Fruit cake. Valerie Henn.


Bottle of home made cordial. Libbie Foster.


Libbie's elderflower cordial label.


Bottle of home made liqueur. Roger Cherry.




Mini flower arrangement. Julie Metcalfe.


Arrangement using herbs. Kate Miles.


Details of the herbs used in the above arrangement.



One fragrant rose bloom. Valerie Henn.


Three rose blooms of one variety. Valerie Henn.


Three stems of any annual garden flower, any variety. Chris Coverley.


Three stems of any perennial garden flower, one variety. Jula Norris.


Mixed collection of autumn flowers, foliage and berries. Jula Norris.



Mini scarecrow. Matthew Stuart.


Mini garden on a tray. Matthew Stuart.


Collage made of any flowers, leaves, nuts and seeds. Benjamin Stuart, aged 6.


Vegetable grown by entrant. Ellie Watts.


Flower grown by entrant. Jessica Targett.


Four pieces from a tray bake. India Harrison.


Four fairy cakes to be judged for decoration. Jessica Targett.


Four fairy cakes to be judged for decoration. Amy and Megan Carey, aged 2.


Amy and Megan decorating the cakes.


Amy (or Megan) arrives to check on the prizewinners.......


...and is a bit surprised at her reception.....


....whilst Megan (or Amy) hides amongst the flowers!


Assembling for the prizegiving.















Finally, prizes suitable for autumn....


....and the lucky prizewinner.



Parish Council Chairman Graham Roberts concluded the entertainment by thanking Maureen Jeffrey and Janet Smith for their hard work in staging the event, to everyone else who had contributed and to all the competitors and visitors.

Photo gallery of 2010 event.






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  1. Libbie Foster says:

    A fantastic display Colin – lovely to see!

  2. Thanks, Libbie, much appreciated.

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