How two of the nine turbines would have dominated the setting of Sulgrave Manor (visit by schoolchildren in Tudor costume)

At the Sulgrave Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 2nd September, Chairman Graham Roberts presented a letter from Enertrag UK Ltd., the company which had proposed to erect nine 410 feet high wind turbines in the countryside between the village and nearby Weston. After a period of restructuring, and the re-examination of its projects, the company has decided not to proceed with the Sulgrave/Weston Wind Farm scheme (known as the “Weston” wind farm on its website). The reasons given were that the scheme was now considered to be unlikely to receive the necessary planning permission because of issues of cultural heritage and landscape.

The Chairman congratulated members of the Sulgrave and Weston Windfarm Action Group for their year long campaign to prevent this massive development in the unspoilt countryside surrounding the village.

However, the meeting was reminded that the proposal by Broadview Energy Ltd to construct five turbines in the countryside to the south of Sulgrave was very much alive. These would also be 410 feet high and would dominate the village and its immediately surrounding countryside. A planning application is expected later this month. The Parish Council will be consulted on this application and will be meeting to consider its response. The public will be kept fully informed.

See here for details of the Sulgrave/Weston scheme which has been abandoned.

Visit the website of the Helmdon Stuchbury and Greatworth Windfarm Action Group (HSGWAG) for details of the Broadgate Scheme, known as the Spring Farm Ridge Renewable Energy Project.


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