Local History – Guided Field Walk at Stuchbury on Thursday 26th August at 6.30 pm

Silver coin of Edward the Confessor (1042-1066), about the size of a modern one penny piece, found at Stuchbury

Sulgrave History Society invites all those with an interest in local history to take part in a GUIDED FIELD WALK at Stuchbury at 6.30 pm on Thursday 26th August, by kind permission of Michael and Joan Tims.

Martin Sirot-Smith, Chairman of Sulgrave History Society says:

We will be investigating the site of the ancient Pre-Roman settlement of Stoteberie.

We will walk along its streets and past house platforms to discover the evidence of this thriving community that continued until over 600years ago.

We will explore and make sense of all the channels, ponds and springs that gave the village its prosperity for over 1000 years.

Do come along to learn more about Stuchbury and its history, and see for yourself what could happen to this important site.

Meet in the large area in front of Stuchbury Hall Farm at 6.30pm.  Wear suitable footwear.

Please phone 01295 710340 or 01295 768224 to give us an idea of numbers, or for further information.

Carved masonry reused in a later building at Stuchbury

Finally, Martin points out that:

This important historical site is likely to be completely despoiled if the proposed WIND FARM DEVELOPMENT (known as the Spring Farm Ridge Renewable Energy Project) takes place.


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