Breaking news – Baby’s body found during building work on Sulgrave cottage

Blackbird Cottage - PC Gez Shillito investigates

Builders employed by Mr and Mrs Tattersall on renovations to their property Blackbird Cottage, Little Street, Sulgrave yesterday (8th June) found what appeared to be the remains of a small baby, possibly hidden for a hundred years or more.

Northamptonshire Police are investigating and released the following statement:

Detective Chief Inspector Neil McMahon, senior investigating officer, said: “Police were yesterday (Tuesday 8 June) called to premises in Sulgrave. Builders renovating a cottage in the area had come across what appeared to be historic human remains. The remains are believed to be those of a baby, however further work will now take place with forensic experts to establish the approximate age, birth and death would have likely occurred. Preliminary enquiries suggest the remains may have been at the location for 100 years. The premises have been receiving extensive renovation and are currently unstable, this is restricting our ability to complete a thorough search at this time. It is anticipated that the premises will be made safe later this week, which will then allow us to complete a forensic search of where the body was found. One of the lines of enquiry will be to determine whether the death was natural or unnatural and the age of the body, which will help determine whether a criminal investigation will take place.”


3 Responses to “Breaking news – Baby’s body found during building work on Sulgrave cottage”

  1. Sarah Holley says:

    Although this story has naturally caused a big stir in the village and is indeed “breaking news” there is obviously a sad story to be told. Let us not sensationalise things but show respect and dignity.

  2. hazel says:

    my partner was one of the 3 builders who found the childs body.
    Rest assured all correct procedure was followed and the utmost care and respect was taken when removing the baby from its resting place.

  3. Lindsay says:

    This is a fascinating but sad story. Any updates yet? I suppose from census records it can be determined who was living there at the time, and an “educated” guess made as to what happened. Could someone add to this story as information comes to light?

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