Proposed High Speed Rail Link from London to Birmingham could pass close to Sulgrave

High Speed Rail Locomotive

The Government has published proposals for high speed rail in Britain, with a detailed recommended route option for the first part between London and Birmingham.

High Speed Rail, published 11 March 2010 gives details of the recommended route option and outlines next steps.

There is to be a full public consultation in Autumn 2010 on the recommended route option and on high speed rail beyond the West Midlands to the north of England and Scotland.  Subject to this consultation, the timeline from there could look like the one below.

March 2010 – Government published proposals for high speed rail and issued Exceptional Hardship Scheme consultation

Before Autumn 2010 – further engagement work and consultation preparation

Autumn 2010 – formal public consultation

2011 – Government decides whether to proceed and proposed route for London to Birmingham

2011-2013 – further detailed design and assessment of the route

2013 – further public consultation

2014 – Hybrid Bill laid in House of Commons

2019 – construction could start

2026 – line between London and Birmingham could open

As presently proposed, the new rail line would pass between Sulgrave and Thorpe Mandeville as shown on the following map:

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced by kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Further details are available on the Department for Transport website. Click on the “High Speed Two Preferred Line of Route – Key Plan” and then choose the section of the route which you wish to examine in detail. The section passing closest to Sulgrave is on Map 07-DR-RW-03117


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  1. David Eales says:

    This is a disgraceful waste of public spending at a time of severe cutbacks and for what ego!!! Back in the ’60’ we had
    rail journey times of about 1 hour to London from Coventry and what do we do with the timed saved spend another hour stuck in traffic.
    The Link wil cut through prime countryside. I notice the government cannot/will not spend money to refurbish
    schools which are more important to soceity and also how many MP’s houses are going to be affected? answer

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