Sulgrave Millenium Wood 1999

Location of the Wood


George Metcalfe writes:

As one of the several ways in which the village commemorated the new millennium, it was agreed that a new wood should be planted on land adjacent to the Pocket Park. This was made possible only by the generous donation of the land by Janet Tattersall. Mention must also be made of two other village residents: Michael Garton, who gave his legal services, and Dick Wills, who constructed the new fencing.

To make the planting a real village community effort, families were invited to sponsor a tree, and thus acquire a stake in the wood; in fact, not only a stake, but, for the sum of £5, also a tree and a mulch mat. About 60 families took advantage of this offer. They were asked to come along on the chosen day – Sunday 27th February 1999 – to plant their tree.

It was intended that the new wood would include a wide variety of native trees, and also shrubs. A plan had therefore been drawn up showing the species and position of each tree, and these were allocated at random.

The weather was pleasantly dry when work began from 9.30 and continued on until the afternoon, as members of each family arrived to discover which was their tree and where to plant it. A short shower interrupted the work, but not for long enough to prevent the completion of the job by planting a mixed hedge along the new fence.

A great community effort! Thanks to all who contributed.

George Metcalfe (Sulgrave Tree Warden 1991 – 2011)


List of trees and shrubs planted in the wood

Alder  Ash  Beech  Birch  Black Poplar  Buckthorn  Crab Apple  Field Maple  Goat Willow  Hazel  Hornbeam  Small-leaved Lime  Oak  Rowan  Whitebeam  Wild Service Tree  Holly  Yew  Wild Cherry (Gean).


Photographs of those who took part (by George Metcalfe)


Peter and Ann Mackness, David Garton and Polly


John, Linda, Moses and Henry Harrison


Rosie and Kevin James


Kenneth and Janet Tattersall. Andy and Fiona Miller with Sam


Pat and Pauline Flynn


Joan Oakley and Julie Metcalfe


Valerie, Jonny and Phillipa Henn


Richard Macdonald with Jessica and Emily


Libbie and Bob Foster


Clare Pollak


Nick and Anne Dyde


Anne Dyde and Elizabeth McCleod


Planting the boundary hedge (1)


Planting the boundary hedge (2)


Work completed!


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