On October 17th, on a sunny autumn day, a group of adults and children, all Sulgrave residents, gathered at the pond area of Pocket Park. Their task was to clear excessive invading plants, divide other plants and thus encourage new growth in the spring. Before work started the pond was hardly visible. A wide path was first created around the pond and then the overgrowth from the edge of the path to the edge of the pond was strimmed and raked. The children helped to take the debris away in wheelbarrows to a compost area which was created nearby. The team then started to clear the rotting vegetation from the pond itself removing logs, dead branches and other debris. Pond plants were divided and some removed.  The team's efforts were very successful and the pond can, once again, be seen.

At the start

Children having a go

Sue wonders what to do next

Jane Osbourne showing it can be fun

Matthew being shown how to cut the plants

Make way for the workers

Lets take a break

Reflections in the pond.

Now we can see the pond

A view across the pond

Rakes on the go

Pause for a chat

Clearance is underway

Adrian, Graham and Sue

More for the compost heap

Chris and Jo reviewing the situation

Lets give this some thought

Adrian and Sue united in division

Filling another wheelbarrow

Graham and Adrian taking a break

Almost finished

Jane Osbourne giving a final rake up

Just one last pull

Text by Chris and Jo Coverley. Photos by Jill Barrett.

See here for more information about the Pocket Park