This section of the website comprises an archive of photographs and sketches of the village, its buildings, its people and some of the events which have taken place over the last 130 years. A large proportion of these images are from my family records and I therefore apologise for the inevitable fact that the names "Wootton" and "Branson" feature more prominently than they should (although there were once lots of them!) I hope that over a period of time other photographs will emerge in order to redress this imbalance.

You can click on each picture to see a larger version and then use your computer's scroll bars to move around it. Where known, the names of people are given in this bigger picture. I apologise for any mis-spellings of names or inaccurate identifications. Please let me know of any necessary amendments or additions and please send any additional pictures of the village which would be appropriate for the website to me at [email protected]

Where necessary you can access a map to show where a particular building is, (or was) situated or where a particular event took place.

The photographs and sketches are set out in the following pages:

Colin Wootton