Here are the latest emails from Trina Johnston, who used to live in the village and now lives in New Mexico:

Dear Colin,
Here are the photo's of Sedona Arizona.  It was very hot hitting tempretures of 111.  I hope you enjoy them!!!!!!

Dear Colin

I am so glad that you enjoyed the photos. We had a wonderful time there, Sedona Arizona is beautiful although I could not live there...much too hot!  We are in our rainy season here and have had lots of it.  The fourth of July is soon upon us, and soon all I will hear is fireworks going off. They hold a parade in the morning and then the town gets together and makes pancakes for breakfast.  I do enjoy flying my Union Jack as every flies the Stars and Stripes on that day! I will be going to Arizona again and this time it will be to see the Grand Canyon.  I have seen it before but it is always worth another look. I'll send photos.
Best Wishes

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