Last year Bob Hooper, also a wartime evacuee to Sulgrave, contacted me via the website with some fascinating reminiscences of those days.

Anne Wiseman had similar wartime experiences and, in fact, lived in the same part of the village as Bob and they are now able to contact one another.

With her permission, I reproduce Anne’s emails below and would be pleased to receive information from anyone who can add to these memories, whether living in the village or further afield.

See also emails from Jenny Franklin.


Hi, my name is Mrs Anne Wiseman, maiden name Brookfield.I lived at Sulgrave from 1939 till 1945. My Grandmother was cook and housekeeper at Sulgrave House and I lived there with her from the age of two till I was eight. I have often wondered about your village and if anyone I knew still lived there and if Sulgrave house still stands.I know there has bound to have been alot of changes.I  found your website and i am very interested in reading all about your village. I would be grateful if someone would be kind enough to answer this email.

kind regards A.Wiseman


I made a suitable reply to this and received the following:


Hello Colin

I was so excited to get your email, I didn't know if I would get an answer let alone so quick so thankyou.

First of all, before I forget , yes you may use my letters on your website.

I read Bob Hoopers email and he must have been in the cottage in the courtyard while I was in the big house.

My grandmother, Alice Owen, took me to Sulgrave from London where we lived to get me away from the bombing. The people she worked for were Major and Mrs Magney and they had a son called Christopher.There was also a Mrs Donner, an old lady who I think was Mrs Magney's mother. I have some photos but have not yet learnt how to put them on the computer. I will find someone to teach me and then send them to you. Sulgrave House was very big with 4bedrooms and a bathroom for the staff and 4 bedrooms and a bathroom for the owners, a day nursery, a night nursery and another bathroom. I stayed in the night nursery when I got the mumps, they isolated me off with a big curtain in front of the door.

Downstairs there was a lounge a smoking room a drawing room, a dining room and then through to a flower arranging room, a room where all the washing up was done, the staffs sitting room, the kitchen and then the scullery.

It sounds just like Bob Hooper described. Also in the courtyard were 2 cow sheds converted into a honey making and the other for making bee hives, it was run by a Mister Edwards I think but not sure, In the cottage I only remember a Tom Wicox and his wife Lily and they had a daughter Christine.I have photos of their wedding, I was bridesmaid.

Sulgrave House had huge grounds including tennis courts, a rose garden, a huge garden which grew all vegatables and fruit.I always said when discribing it to people that must have never needed a greengrocers shop!!.It also had an apple orchard and 2 more fields I think. They had horses and a few cows and chickens.

Gettind back to names I seem to remember a Lavinia Towers comind to stay at the house sometimes, I think she was related to the Magneys. Lily Wilcox I think worked in the house but not absolutely sure but Tom Wilcox worked on the land.

I remember Miss Cave and think she also did Sunday School.

I remember Mr & Mrs Henn who had a farm just up the road from Sulgrave house and they had a son Philip and a daughter Valerie who was my friend.

Well Colin, I am sorry but I can't place you but we must have been at school together, I don't remember Bob. He is a few years older than me, I will be 70 in October.I must have been there when he was if he has got his dates right.

I am going to close now Colin, I will be in touch again soon,hope you can find someone who might remember the things I have told you. I often think of Sulgrave with very fond memories.

Best regards Anne.

And also this one:

Hi it's me again after all that I forgot to tell you where I live now.

After leaving Sulgrave I went back to London where I lived until my parents moved to Surrey when I was 15 and I have remained in Surrey ever since. I got married and have two daughters and a son. I was widowed when I was forty six. I met my present husband 2 years later and we have just celebrated 21 years of marriage.

Hope to hear from you soon.