(Full details of the project can be seen here)

Having successfully raised grants for the restoration of Castle Green, members of the Management Committee have been working hard, monitoring the first stage of the project – the construction of the new fencing and Access path across the green by Frank J Morris Contracting Ltd. 
The work was carried out under the watchful eye of a professional archaeologist, Dr Richard Ivens, who identified various archaeological features at the Church Street end of the path.  He will be providing a report on his discoveries in due course.
Work on the path is almost completed, but it will remain closed for some time, to allow the new grass seed to become established.
A detailed Contract is now being drawn up for the next stage, rebuilding the dry-stone wall around the site.  The contractors, Underwood and Weston, have suggested a provisional start date of mid-July.  The work is expected to take about 3 months, and once it is under way a guided tour and talk on the ancient art of dry-stone wall construction will be arranged.  The talk will take place on a weekday evening and will conclude with refreshment at the pub! 
The committee wish to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund, which has provided the majority of the funding (up to £48,400).  Northants County Council’s Voluntary Sector Support Unit (£15,777) and South Northants Council (£15,000) have given generous grants and English Heritage and the Alan Evans Memorial Trust have also provided funds.

Clare Pollak, Project Co-ordinator, Castle Green Management Committee

Excavations begin under the watchful eye of archaeologist Dr Richard Ivens

Constructing the access to Castle Green from Park Lane

Work is halted while Dr Richard Ivens examines a "find"

Project co-ordinator Parish Councillor Clare Pollak tries her hand
with the digger!

Mission completed

Excavations from the Church Street entrance to create a gradient
suitable for wheelchairs and prams

Fixing the heavy duty plastic mesh which will form the "reinforced grass" path
across the Green

The mesh is securely pegged down

The new post and rail fencing is complete