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See here for details of the work of the Sulgrave Archaeology Group on the Castle site itself.

On Sunday 5th August an archaeological resistivity survey was carried out on Castle Green by Adrian Butler and Ian Fisher of Northants Archaeology. On previous days a 20m grid had been established over the site by volunteers from the village helped by archaeologist Dr Richard Ivens, as shown on the map below:

Using a Magnetometer and Earth Resistance equipment, a further team of volunteers from the village helped the archaeologists to carry out the survey. All age groups were represented, with Adrian and Ian patiently explaining the techniques involved several times over.

An exhibition was staged by Sulgrave Archaeology Group showing their work on the Castle Project and explaining the background to the original excavations on the site from the early sixties onwards.

It was probably the hottest day of the year, there was hardly a cloud in the sky and a holiday atmosphere prevailed. Those present in the afternoon gathered under the shade of the borrowed gazebo to watch Adrian Butler examine the results of the survey on his laptop computer. He explained that little of significance had been found on the Castle Green itself but the outlines of a building opposite the former Six Bells Inn could be discerned (in the blue 20m square on the map). It seems likely that this is the site of a building shown still standing in this position on OS maps from the late 1800s, possibly a row of cottages. A well used route following the time-honoured short cut across Castle Green could also be discerned, adding further confirmation to the public use of the area in former times.

The absence of hard evidence of further buildings or fortifications on Castle Green itself failed to dampen the holiday mood and all agreed that the exercise had been both interesting and entertaining. A vote of thanks was made to Adrian and Ian for their hard work and patience on an exceedingly hot day.

This survey was part of the ongoing Castle Green Project, details of which can be seen here.

The Castle Green Management Committee gratefully acknowledge the following organisations which have provided funding for this project:

Heritage Lottery Fund £48,424

Northamptonshire County Council Voluntary Sector Support Unit £15,777

South Northants Council £15,450

Alan Evans Memorial Trust £2,000

English Heritage £1,250